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New campaign targets texting while driving

Amid fresh evidence that warnings against distracted driving aren't sinking in, the USA's top road safety agency, states' attorneys general and the Ad Council are launching a campaign aimed at drivers 16-24 years old. ...

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Water Damage - Reduce Your Risk

Help prevent future leaks and water intrusion by regularly inspecting the following elements in and around your home to make sure they remain in good condition. PLUMBING Supply Lines & Drains •Watch for stains on...

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How New Car Insurance Rates Determined?

New car insurance rates can vary dramatically. Have you ever wondered how to determine these rates? There are many factors you may want to consider before buying a car if you are worried about the price of insurance for...

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Recession Marked by Bump in Uninsured Motorists

IRC Analysis Finds One in Seven Drivers Are Uninsured MALVERN, Penn.-April 20, 2011-Across the United States, chances are roughly one in seven that a driver is uninsured, according to new estimates from the Insurance...

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Stolen Cell Phone: Who Pays the Bill?

The cellular phone - society's quintessential example of luxury turned necessity. There are more than 250 million of them in America alone, and if history repeats itself, more than 600,000 phones will sit comfortably...

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Insuring Your Desktop or Laptop Computer

You have a computer. So who doesn't? According to the latest reports, the vast majority of Americans have at lest one personal computer at home. And many count themselves among the "multi-wired" households, with one or...

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Winter Storm Preparation Tips from Traveler's Insurance

For those without power after Hurricane Irene, the sound of a neighbor's generator was a loud, grating reminder that some people were actually ready for the storm. My family fared well enough during our weeklong outage,...

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Three Things Condo Owners Need to Know About Insurance

Condo owners beware, if someone slips at the pool or on the sidewalk in your condominium complex, you may be liable for the accident. Columbus, Ohio-based Grange Insurance offers the three most important things condo...

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